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How to Tell What Kind of Criminal Defense Attorney in Collin County TX You Need

There are a few things you need to know before you decide which Criminal Defense Attorney in Collin County TX will be best to represent you. Often when people are being investigated for a crime they are more concerned about getting the charges that have been laid against them dismissed quickly then they are concerned about which lawyer they ask to represent them, and that haste is a mistake. Every criminal defense lawyer has a different specialty, especially in an area of law that’s so broad as criminal law. You want to find a defense attorney who specializes in the kind Read more
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Defense Lawyer Frisco TX: How To Start The Process Of Choosing A Defense Lawyer

If you live in the Collin County and you’re facing criminal charges, you probably need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco TX.  If you’ve been charged with DWI, drug offenses, domestic violence, theft, assault, property offenses or juvenile crimes, a good, Criminal Defense Lawyer may be your only hope for a fair and just resolution of your charges.  Where should you start when it comes to choosing a lawyer to help you? ▪  Decide if you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco TX.  If you are charged with a major criminal offense, you will need a defense lawyer.  If your Read more
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How a DWI Defense Lawyer in Frisco TX Can Help You in Court

Even though Texas DWI cases rarely go to trial you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX who will prepare a meticulous case on your behalf.  Your lawyer should have extensive experience representing drunk driving cases. A criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX will examine all aspects of your case, challenging the prosecution and the police’s version of events. Police base DWI arrests on many factors. They’ll observe how a person drives –are they weaving between lanes , running red lights or driving at a high speed?  Driving under the influence of alcohol isn’t the only reason for Read more
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How to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco TX to Represent You in a Case

A criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX will represent you or a loved one against criminal charges. It’s important to hire the most qualified and reliable lawyer possible. You will probably be in a hurry to get representation, but don’t let that cloud your judgment.  Taking time to find the right criminal defense lawyer means the difference between jail time and clearing your name.  Consider the following steps when hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Frisco, Texas: 1 –   Meet face-to-face with a prospective lawyer.  Ask the lawyer about the types of cases handled. If you are charged with assault, and the Read more
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Frisco TX Criminal Defense Lawyer: Great Defense Makes A Difference

Have you been charged with a crime?  Have you found yourself searching for a Frisco TX Criminal Defense Lawyer for you or a loved one?  If so, the answer is The Law Office of Wesley W. Desmond.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I have experience in all types of criminal offenses such as DWI, assault and drug offenses, just to name a few. Let me show you how my experience and dedication will help to secure your future. Call today to schedule your free consultation at 972-330-4000.  A great defense is an investment you can’t afford not to make. The price Read more