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How a DWI Defense Lawyer in Frisco TX Can Help You in Court

Defense attorney Frisco TXEven though Texas DWI cases rarely go to trial you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX who will prepare a meticulous case on your behalf.  Your lawyer should have extensive experience representing drunk driving cases.

criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX will examine all aspects of your case, challenging the prosecution and the police’s version of events.

Police base DWI arrests on many factors. They’ll observe how a person drives –are they weaving between lanes , running red lights or driving at a high speed?  Driving under the influence of alcohol isn’t the only reason for these actions.  Your car may have an accelerator that sticks, faulty brakes or other mechanical problem. Your lawyer can contact a mechanic to examine your vehicle and present evidence of mechanical failure to the court.

After you’ve been stopped on suspicion of DWI, a police officer may have you to take a Field Sobriety Test (FST).  During a field sobriety tests, you may be asked to do a walk and turn test, one-leg stand or any number of tests to ascertain your mental and physical condition. Many legal authorities consider field sobriety tests to be an unreliable indicator of alcohol impairment, and your criminal defense lawyer can challenge the results.

Your DWI criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX  may contest results from a blood or breathalyzer test. If your lawyer can prove the machine wasn’t used properly or radio frequency interference occurred when the test was conducted,  the results may be discredited, resulting in a case dismissal or lesser charge.

Your DWI criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX may decide a plea bargain is in your best interest. If you agree,  your lawyer and the district attorney (prosecutor) will negotiate the terms of your plea bargain. You will agree to plead guilty to receive a lesser punishment. In a plea bargain, the state of Texas decides your fate instead of a jury.

A DWI criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX knows the best ways to defend you regardless of the severity of your charge. Whether you are charged with a first, second or third DWI, an experienced lawyer will do what he can to help you avoid a jail sentence and possibly a license suspension.

If you’ve been charged with a DWI, call the Law Office of Wes Desmond, criminal defense lawyer in Frisco TX. Wes handles all types of DWI cases, including under 21 DUIs. He is a member of the Texas State Bar and will defend cases anywhere in Collin County. Wes can help you avoid hefty fines or jail sentences due to a DWI. Call  972-330-4000 for a free consultation or fill out the evaluation form on our website. We also handle assault, theft, juvenile, domestic violence and drug offense cases.

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