Frisco TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights in Collin County and the Greater North Dallas area

When accused of a crime, you need a dedicated and hardworking criminal defense lawyer to assist you with your case. Your future is at stake. Don’t trust an impersonal criminal defense lawyer. Instead, call my firm, the Law Office of Wesley W. Desmond, PLLC.

I will provide you with focused and committed representation in pretrial litigation as well as in the courtroom. I will also do my best to help you avoid serious charges or penalties. Get started with my firm today if you want a compassionate advocate to partner with you in your case.

How Lawyer Wes Desmond Can Help You

Driving While Intoxicated
Being pulled over for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is embarrassing and frustrating. I understand DWI laws and how charges can translate into penalties in Texas. Retain me to work with you to challenge the DWI evidence or negotiate a satisfactory end to your case.

Drug Offenses
The Texas Controlled Substances Act outlines drug crimes and penalties in the state. Because Texas is a border state, the authorities take any drug activity very seriously. I can help you work through your case in court.

Property Offenses
Vandalism, shoplifting, arson, larceny, and burglary are all considered property crimes in Texas. Severe penalties attached to property crimes. I want to help you protect your rights and work against your charges. Call today!

If you are caught in possession of an illegal substance, you could face lengthy jail or prison sentences and expensive fines. I can help you avoid those punishments if possible. Call me for focused representation in your possession case.

Domestic Violence
Have you been accused of hurting or threatening a family member? Many domestic violence claims are fraudulent, and alleged victims sometimes use domestic violence charges as a way to get revenge on spouses or partners. Partner with me to fight for your innocence.

Theft Crimes
Shoplifting, robbery, and grand theft are all forms of theft crimes. I can defend you against theft crime charges by helping you prove an alibi, prove that the theft was unintentional, or find evidence that you are being mistaken for someone else. Call me today to learn more.

Assault is the offense of attacking or attempting to hurt someone. The victim does not necessarily have to show injuries to prove that he or she was assaulted. If you have been charged with assault, I can defend you in court. I may be able to argue that you were acting out of self-defense or defense of another or that the assault was unintentional.

Juvenile Crimes
Are you under the age of 18? Have you been charged with a crime? I want to help you work through your case in the juvenile court system. My compassion for youth and desire to preserve young Texans’ rights means I will be devoted to resolving your case successfully.

Compassionate Assistance from a Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many criminal defense lawyers think of each case as just another job or case number. I don’t. I love people and I understand that a criminal charge can change a person’s life forever. I want to do what I can to help preserve your future.

I want to make sure that you are treated respectfully according to the laws that were put in place to protect people from unjust charges. Call me today if you would like to set up a free consultation.